Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A one (or two) word response to the question "what does it feel like to be single?"

I chose the phrase Lost and Found to describe how I feel about being single. Lost because there is part of my heart that still feels vacant. Emotionally I am unguided and tossed about. Through this process I am also starting to Find myself. How I am alone, How I interact with people again, What is important to me, What I want in another person to compliment my personality. The feeling of Lost and Found is one of being forgotten; wondering if the person who left will come back. Waiting for another person to stumble upon me and wish to have me for their own.
I chose to take my photos underwater. Water has always held a special place for me full of juxtaposition which I feel connected to while being single. Floating and sinking. The security and fear of being held in something that gives me life and can just as quickly take in away. The calm and anxiety of not breathing. I feel that water compliments the juxtaposition in being Lost and Found.